We serve this vision with enthusiasm, great passion and faith.

"I invite you to the Journey to the Light…"

Fotis Chatzidiakos
Mayor of Rhodes

Rhodes, the bride of God Helios (the Sun) according the myth, is located in the Eastern Aegean.

The city of Rhodes was founded in 408 B.C at the northern tip of the island by the Olympic champion Dorieus, son of Diagoras, as a merger of the three ancient cities of the island, Kamiros, Ialysos and Lindos.

Our island has been the crossroads for three continents, and as such it has hosted many cultures, all of them leaving a distinct mark on our history, from the Ancient Greeks and the Romans, to the Byzantines, the Knights Hospitallers of St John, the Ottomans and the Italians.

There is a plethora of monuments testifying to the island’s rich history. Τhe most important among them is the Medieval Town that is listed by UNESCO as a Monument of Global Cultural Heritage.

Many cultures and civilizations have cohabited the island in peace and harmony through the years. The medieval structures, the slated streets and alleys, the mosques, the synagogue, the Orthodox churches, the Muslim Library, the fountains, the squares and the parks, the traditional shops and businesses, all of them bringing memories of the past closer to our colorful contemporary times.

Apart from a globally known high profile destination, Rhodes is a place that stays in the hearts of the people.

For all the reasons above, Rhodes is a candidate city for the title of the European Capital for Culture for the year 2021.

Our vision for 2021 is to host an event we will be proud of. An event worthy of this great European institution, worthy of our own great history.

Everywhere, wherever you look, you witness mythical beauty flooded with the markings of cultures and peoples that inhabited this island in the wake of time, leaving behind their legacy, pieces of their own life.

This is a special trait of Rhodes, that time has shaped into a unique cultural profile and a society characterized by hospitality, open mind, open heart and open arms. These are actually the virtues that inspire European citizens to make Europe a cradle of peace, democracy and culture.

Through the European Capital of Culture action, Rhodes is becoming a beacon of hope and creativity.

Our candidacy emphasizes on modern artistic forms and expressions, on innovation, on sustainable development, as well as on the participation of local, national and international artists and cultural organizations. The municipality of Rhodes is in close cooperation with all sectors of education, in order to contribute to the creation of innovative cultural products and cultural management models, as well as to promote critical thinking and to encourage creative initiatives of the youth.

In the framework of the European Capital of Culture action, Rhodes will be reborn and will spread the Light of Culture to all of Greece and across Europe.

"We invite you to join us in this amazing Journey…"

Teris Chatziioannou
Vice-mayor for culture