Our vision is to transform Rhodes and the Dodecanese into a platform that nurtures creative people. Our island complex will become a safe refuge for artistic expression and intercultural dialogue. The Arts stimulate our collective imagination, strengthen our common European identity and carry the message of two thoroughly European values, peace and solidarity.


We aim to inform the peoples of Europe and the world about the power of artistic content and the gravity of sustainable development. We will inspire them to join us on our “Journey to the Light” and we will include them in a meaningful discussion about the challenges all of us currently face.


Insularity has given the Dodecanesians a unique perspective on efficiency and creativity, extroversion, diversity and inclusion. It has shaped our multicultural community through the essential participation in the European history. It is our geographical position that makes our program the ideal framework for dialogue between the East and the West. This dialogue will be our program’s legacy.


Europe is experiencing crisis on multiple levels. The rise of fear, xenophobia and hate speech has taken its toll, and the peoples of Europe need to take immediate and decisive action in order to secure our European future. We plan to use Arts and culture to cultivate positive civic behavior based on knowledge and participation.