Rhodes is a multicultural society that offers a unique perspective on tolerance and solidarity, and a significant opportunity for the combination of sustainability and extroversion due to insularity. It has also a vast transport and hospitality infrastructure ready to support large audiences for the Rhodes 2021 program. Our cultural program will become an international platform for artists to share the results of their creativity. Rhodes and the Dodecanese will be the ideal venue for artistic expression to encourage a dialogue between the East and the West.
Our compass

We aim to celebrate diversity! We will sail along with the Arts, create and rejoice. We can foster solidarity and we can achieve peaceful co-existence, which are the basis for intercultural dialogue.

This is the message we intend to spread across Europe and the world: with a positive attitude, we can use the process of co-creation to bring people closer.

A joint effort

The key elements of our cultural program are supported by the city’s Operational Plan according to the pertinent decision of the City Council. That means that the bulk of our suggested projects will be realized, even without the title of the European Capital of Culture.

More importantly, if Rhodes becomes the European Capital of Culture, a selection of projects from other Greek candidacies will be materialized in Rhodes. Every Greek city’s bid includes interesting messages and ideas, which can be hosted as a joint cultural program.

The pin on the map

The island of Rhodes lies at the crossroads of two important marine routes in the Mediterranean Sea, between the Aegean Sea and the coast of Middle East, and between Europe and Northern Africa. As a meeting point for three continents, Rhodes has been exposed to many different cultures. Their passing from the island is evident in modern and ancient monuments scattered around the island, as well as in multiple facets of our contemporary culture. Our rich history and cultural heritage will be the strong foundation for a cultural program with a legacy and a uniquely international appeal.

Our cultural program will effectively make this pin move from the West to the East and back again. While our online services and digital applications will make it jump off the map!


Rhodes and the Dodecanese are high-profile European destinations, hosting more than 3 million visitors each year. Through the years the islands have developed a vast transport system and hospitality infrastructure which is second to none in Greece. Natural beauty has always been our islands’ main attraction, but this is about to change and we invite you to witness it. Our island complex is the perfect platform for the greatest possible dissemination of a coherent cultural program with a European dimension.

From the neighborhood

Rhodes – Dodecanese 2021 candidacy is the first to involve an island complex. Thus we are capable of thoroughly negotiating issues of remote areas and sustainable development. We are doing this by building strong cooperation with candidate cities in Greece, Romania, and of course European Capitals of Culture of the past.

Rhodes will also activate existing networks to serve the vision of the Candidacy, including the vast network of the House of Europe in Rhodes.


Rhodes and the Dodecanese have the necessary infrastructure to accommodate and entertain more than three million visitors annually. 529 local enterprises offer more than 45.000 rooms and about 88.000 beds. Just like the island itself, our hospitality establishments are suitable for families, people of all ages, and of course vulnerable groups.

If Rhodes is designated, we suggest you make your reservations as early as possible.


“A twinning is the meeting between two municipalities to act together within a European perspective, confronting problems and developing increasingly closer and friendlier ties between one another”. In these words, Jean Bareth, one of the founding fathers of the CEMR, defined twinning after the Second World War in 1951.

This is how he described the fundamental values of twinning: friendship, collaboration and mutual sensitization of the European peoples.

Twinning is an expression of European unity that originates from and evolves with citizens. It is probably the most popular form of European cooperation, since thousands of cities and villages proudly state – in any given chance- who their twin communities are. On top of that, twinning is an extremely flexible “tool”. It can be developed between small villages, towns, cities, etc. It can focus on a wide range of issues, while it is possible to have various participating partners from two or more communities.
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