the competition

A competition took place by the Municipality for the selection of Rhodes 2021 Logo. The participations were considered by a three-member judging committee, consisted of Vangelis Pavlidis (cartoonist), Mary Miller (artistic director of Stavanger 2008 –Cultural Capital of Europe) and Nasia Stouraiti (pupil). Three participations were approved and awarded. All participations were inspired by the Journey of Rhodes into the Light of Culture. 


The main idea of the Logo was decided to lean on two axes: The Light and the Journey.


An island full of sunlight, an island connected to symbolic light. The Light of Splendor, Truth, Creativity, Purity, Culture.

Small amphora

The Amphora is the basic form of the Logo design. It looks like it carries indelible colors from the past, like their symbols, Light, Earth, Sea.

Amphora - Bearer

The Amphora, looked at either as a pot or as a human creation, remains a bearer of development and culture.


The Triangle refers to the strategic position of the island, the natural shape of the island and the triunity of man.


The Simplicity of the Logo allows a small child to draw it with its markers.


The Boat converts the Logo into a bright picture of a Journey. Its movement enforces its readability and attaches dynamic.


The addition of a Flame offers an abstract interpretation of the most characteristic symbol of Rhodes. Some acknowledge the Lyre of Apollo in the arm. The spectator may choose the reading he prefers.